How to fix Lost Family Tree maker 2017 Icon?

Are you encountering issues in your Family Tree Maker 2017? FTM icon not visible on your desktop or anywhere else to be found on your system? Then this is the perfect time you have reached here as we will guide you on how to go about your FTM only with a few easy steps that will help you get back on track without any delay at all. For which you would have to read this blog until the end to get the relevant solutions within the least time possible.

Fix Lost Family Tree Maker 2017 Icon

Steps To Fix Lost Family Tree Maker 2017:

  • You’ve got to first check if the FTM software program is still installed on your computer. It can be that when you type Family Tree Maker you still don’t get to see the FTM icon. For this, you would have press the Windows +R keys on your keyboard together at the same time. You will now find the ‘Run’ box pop-up on the displayed screen here you need to type this appwiz.cpl and then click the enter key.
  • Now you will be able to see a list of programs on your computer. Here you have to check if the Family Tree Maker 2017 is visible in the list.
  • If you find the FTM software you will have to press the Windows key once and then type FTM.exe.  This will help you to see the software that you need to click to begin installing.
  • Then you would have to check if your FTM trees are on the backup mode or not. It is advise to always have a backup as there are times. Where software does come up with issues that will not allow the program to open files.
  • You have the software program install in your device. Error are suspect you will be ask if you would like to repair the software or remove it. Kindly select the repair option and the process. Will take only a few minutes to restore your FTM to normal again.


After you see that the repair is over you would have to restart your computer. And open FTM you should be good to work once again. But if you see an error ‘File not found or could not open’ or any other issue. Then you should immediately contact our team for support at 1-800-697-1474. And have your issue resolve with reliable and effective result from expert who are well-practice in this profession.

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