Issues In FTM 2017 the Search Result Details ?

Issues In FTM 2017
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Are you facing issues with the ‘Search result details’ in FTM 2017 23.2? Then you should know that this issue arises when the URL record is non-US Ancestry domain such as these;,, or But if the URL record if from the main domain then they will not be issues like this.

There are a number of way to get the issue in FTM 2017.

 First of all, you need to give a click on the ‘Refresh’ button. Which will be seen on the left side of the address bar at the top of the web search on the screen. Sometimes this one solution helps to resolve all the issues with only ‘Search result detail’ for updating.
 Go and edit the URL which is the address in the web search here. you need to change the Ancestry domain. By going to the, .ca, or the to .com and then give a click on the ‘Refresh’ button.
 Then you have to use the standard workflow to be able to find. The merging Ancestry records that are within your FTM. The step will be in the ‘Help’ and also in the ‘Companion Guide’.
 Go and search for the particular individual in your tree from the FTM Web Search.
 You have to locate that particular record you want to merge from the result of the search itself.
 To be able to merge the correct information from the database to your node, ‘ Internet Clipping ‘

conclusion of the issue

Now, you should be all done with the issue as the guide above is absolutely reliable and helpful. However you come acros any problem in the process then you must this instant get in touch. With Family Tree Maker Support Number and the experts we have here. Will guide you further with the relevant solution that will suit you best.

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