How do I manage my historical timeline in Family Tree Maker?

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This blog will help you to manage your ‘Historical Timeline Events’ in your Family Tree Maker 2017 version for your Windows. You would be glad to know that with your FTM 2017 you can ‘Edit, Delete and Add’ to the historical events that come along with the Family Tree Maker. Now to successfully get over with the procedure you only need to read along carefully.

Follow the step-by-step Historical Timeline Family Tree method provided below :-

    Step 1. In addition you need to give a click on the ‘Edit’ menu and then go to select the ‘Manage Historical Events’ options.

Manage Historical Events
Manage Historical Events

Step2. Now you will find that the ‘Manage Historical Events’ window has opened out on the current screen.

  Step3. Then in the lower-left corner of the display window. There will be three buttons, for which you will see the explanation given below.

Family tree maker support
Family tree maker support
  1. New: you can use this option to create a new historical timeline event. By giving a click on ‘new’ the windows will display with fields. Then such as the events title, events date, place. Where the event occurred, category and the description option.
  2. Edit: by using this tab you will be able to adjust the information that you entered for the respective event.
  3. Delete: This you can use to delete the respective event that you do not want to keep.

  Step4. In conclusion You just got to remember to give a click on the ‘Close’ button after you have completed entering, editing, or deleting the respective data of the event.

Now, you should be all done with the process as the method provided above is absolutely effective and helpful to get you started with your FTM. Now, you come across any issues while doing the same. Then you must immediately get in touch with our team of skills techs at Family Tree Maker Support Number. After that you will have the answers to your queries within the least time possible with all the relevant solutions provided. We believe only in giving the best solutions and services. That have complete satisfaction and there is no doubt about that.

For instance Support for family tree maker software call us our toll-free Number +1-800-697-14714.

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