A Guide for Using Color-Coding In FTM 2017 for Mac

If you are seeking help on how to use the ‘Color Coding’ in Family Tree Maker 2017 for your Mac, then in this blog you will be guided with a step-by-step method.

The FTM 2017 gives you access to use the color-coding so that you can mark the direct-line ancestors as well as the descendants. The color code scheme is based on a four-color system, but now it has even more color options. So here you will learn how to use the Color-Coding In FTM.

How to apply the color-coding to a person in your tree?

  • Firstly, go to the Tree tab that is on the People workspace.
  • After that Then select the person that you would like to highlight or the ancestors & descendants that you would like to highlight.
  • Now above the editing panel give a click on the ‘Color Coding’ button.
Color coding in FTM
Color coding in FTM
  • You now have to click on a color or a color group for the type of individuals to whom you would like to apply the color-coding. Such as current person, all ancestors (1color), all ancestors (4color), or all the Descendants, etc.
Color coding in FTM
Color coding in FTM

Color Coding Steps :-

  • All the selected in the tree viewer appears as colored bars on the thumbnails. The colored dots will also be seen next to the corresponding names that are in the index. If you applied for the color coding for several selected individuals in your tree, then maybe some people that belong to more than one family line.
  • This means that all the corresponding colors will be displayed on the individuals’ thumbnails. So now to find out why a person is marked with a particular color, you need to hold the mouse pointer over the colored bar on the respective thumbnail. You will also get a help tag with an explanation.

Steps for removing color coding of an individual or individual’s lineage:

  • You need to select a person to whom he color coding has been applied from the ‘Tree’ tab of the ‘People’ workspace option.
  • Above all panel go to give a click on the Color Coding button.
  • If you want to remove a color-coding just give a click on the ‘No Color’ button.

Steps to remove the color coding from a tree:

  • First, you would have to go to the Tree tab on the People workspace section.
  • Then you need to give a click on the ‘Color Coding’ button that is above the editing panel.
  • Lastly, give a click on the ‘Clear All Colors’ option.

The steps provided are relevant to help you use the Color-Coding In FTM for Mac. But if in case you face any sort of issues while doing the same, then you must contact the expert team of technician at Family Tree Maker Mac. And the skilled techs will assist you within no time, as they are available 24×7. So now you can get in touch with them without any hesitation.

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