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What is Family Tree Maker ?

Family Tree Maker Software is a computer program. A genealogy researcher use this software to preserve their family history or information. This software was developed by Kenneth Hess of Banner Blue Software in 1989. It was a DOS edition. Family Tree Maker software went through a number of company. The famous and known developer and seller was ancestry. Right now Family Tree Maker is owned by MacKiev Inc. In 2014 MacKiev took over Family Tree maker software and has really made better changes in it.

How many versions are available for user to buy and the cost?

  • Family Tree Maker 2017.

This version is still available for user to download and use. If you are using Family tree maker software, then you may get some discount from MacKiev.              Cost for this version is $79.97 USD.

  • Family Tree Maker 2019.

Cost for this software is $79.97. If you want to go for pre-order sale offer therefore you will need to contact MacKiev.

Why should you choose Family Tree Maker  Vs other genealogy software?

We would not want to convince you to purchase any software. Our intention to write this blog is only to help you choose the software you will need to use for genealogy research. We will put few basic points that makes Family Tree Maker software better than other.

  • Good interface and customizable tabs.
  • Entire family information on one window.
  • Family Sync (Up to 3 people can use software and sync data to ancestry or software without being in the same house or city or state)
  • Family tree Maker 2019 version allows you to access your tree on smartphones as well.
  • You can create book or report using this software.
  • Tree-Vault service allows you to back up and restore your tree as you go.
How to install Family Tree Maker software?

We will explain in detail so you can read this blog and install the software.

For Windows user
  1. Go to website and purchase the software.
  2. Once you are done purchasing the software, you will get a software link to download FTM.exe.
  3. Press and hold CTRL key and J together and you will get download box.
  4. You will see FTM.exe file so you will need to double click on the FTM.exe file.
  5. Popup will ask you to click on run or cancel, please click on run.
  6. Another screen comes asking your permission to make changes, please click on Yes.
  7. Family tree maker will get installed.


For Mac user
  1. You will need to pur
  2. chase software by going to MacKiev website.
  3. Go to download and move your file to application.
  4. That’s all, your software will be installed.

Once you done installing the software. You will need to go to desktop icon and open the software. It will ask you to register the software. Which you should do and should not miss it. After registration, if you have ancestry account then you can login because it will give you search hints which helps do research. you can also login for

In case you are not able to download and install the software by yourself. You can always contact MacKiev on chat or you can give us call on our Family Tree Maker Support Toll Free number +1-800-697-1474.